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Event Decorators
Wash & Fold

Heavy and long curtains and tablecloths require expert hands to take over the arduous task of washing. We specialize in washing and folding these event decorators.


Get rid of the dirty work by handling us your decorators. We’ll deliver your clean set neatly folded and ready for your next event.

Washing machine


We’ll remove stains and spills from your tablecloths and make them spotless for your next venue.
Press Laundry in Texas


We’ll make your drapes immaculately spotless without weakening the fabric due to heat.
Wash and Fold Service in Texas


We’ll neatly fold each item with extensive care, ensuring all areas are ready for storage.
Event Decorators Cleaning in Texas

Stain-free Venue Decors

Whether you have an intimate event or a large gathering, your curtains and tablecloths play a huge role in setting the mood for the event. A clean set of decorations makes all the difference in making the occassion a success.


We can also wash your chair covers, long drapes, and carpets and remove stains, dust, and dirt from your ornaments.

Color Safe Cleaning

Decors come in various sizes and colors. There are also delicate embroideries that need gentle handling. Don’t worry about these, as we expertly know how to handle venue decor washing, even in bulk.

Event Decorators Cleaning in Texas