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Pickup And Delivery

Here’s How It Works

Select your pick-up and delivery times.

You can rest assured that your valuables are in safe hands at our nearby cleaning facility. And that everything you own will be delivered to you whenever you want it. You may reschedule the delivery if you can’t accept it and give our delivery team any additional instructions.

Type in your location.
You will receive a notification and we’ll pick up and deliver your laundry to our nearby cleaning facility. You can easily arrange a pickup for your laundry and dry cleaning services
Receive your newly cleaned items without the fuss.
You may rest easy knowing that your possessions are in good hands at our local cleaning facility and that your belongings will be brought to you on time.


Having your laundry and dry cleaning picked up and delivered by us is the most convenient way to go about your day. Why waste your time on traffic when you can have your freshly laundered clothes delivered right to your doorstep? Because we believe that laundry and dry cleaning service should work with your schedule, rather than against it, we provide the best on-demand pickup and delivery service.

Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Texas
The convenience of scheduling a pick-up from the comfort of your own home includes the following perks: